ichidou replied to your post “I’ll have you know that I have Old Habits as my phone background and every single time I check the time I have to pause and cry quietly.”

ngl i had wash & duck and your york art as my phone backgrounds for months and now that i’ve changed them it’s like i have a different phone

the fact that anyone would want to look at something i drew for that long blows my mind

I'll have you know that I have Old Habits as my phone background and every single time I check the time I have to pause and cry quietly.

i want to say i’m sorry but lbr causing fandom tears just feels so good


Así que he estado trabajando en esto por un tiempo, como usted puede ser que me haya visto una vez en Lopez blogs, pero finalmente ha terminado! Un Día de Victoria es un sitio de fans para Lopez la Pesado de Rojo vs Azul, webseries dándole un poco de respeto que tanto necesitan. Joder conoce la serie en sí no lo hace.

…Huh. Must have left the Spanish setting on. Let’s try that again.

So I’ve been working on this for a good while, as you might have seen from my off and on Lopez blogging, but it’s finally done! Un Día de Victoria is a fansite for Lopez la Pesado from the webseries Red vs Blue, giving him some much-needed respect. Fuck knows the series itself doesn’t.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

My eternal thanks to foxtrot-12 for letting me use her incredible Lopez y Lopez art for the layout — it’s absolutely perfect. Check out her art if you haven’t already!

thanks everyone who stopped by the stream!

i miss the old armor so muuuuch qq

Hi :) Do you have a DeviantArt account?

hi! 8) nope, i only post my rvb art here on tumblr and on the RT site.

my long convoluted process if you’re into that sort of thing! comments in the captions.

final full-size version ]

you are one of the most talented artists i've ever seen. <3

alskdjf; thank youuu anon


*cue training montage music… of some kind*

Hey i love your art and blog and id love it if u could give me some tips on how to draw armour. Id love to know how and the tip u posted on the shoulder plates

thanks! idk if i have many helpful tips because i don’t think i’m qualified to teach people things and i live my life having no idea what the hell i’m doing but here’s a few things i’ve figured out—

to me, soft shading looks weird on armor. armor is mostly made up of flat / slightly curved surfaces with sharp edges. so shade with gradients and hard-edged shadows and highlights — there’s no need to blend too much! don’t approach it like you’re painting skin or cloth. i never use soft round brushes when i paint armor, i almost always use hard flat brushes and the occasional hard round brush. this post here really pushed me to stop using soft brushes when i paint.

also give armor bulk. you start with a person’s physical build but then you strap a tank’s worth of armor on them. give your armored characters some weight, all those plates take up space and should have thickness to them.

…that’s all i can think of right now as far as general tips go. there are no hard and fast rules to drawing anything as far as i’m concerned so i mean this is just stuff that i keep in mind while drawing.

i’m super hyped about the new rvb season so i’m taking fanart suggestions again for a little while. gimme what you got and let’s see what i can do!

i got a bunch of good ones and am getting really ambitious about them, so i’m going to close requests until i get them done. :> thanks everyone!