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Anonymous asked:
Have you tried percussive maintenance? That's how I get my laptop to work most days. >:D

sadly i have

but even still

r.i.p tablet 2010-2014


1 week ago on Jul 12,2014
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i haven’t forgotten about the fanart requests i took last weekend, my tablet is just… rejecting life… it works for about ten minutes before the light starts flickering and registering input that isn’t there

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Anonymous asked:
Did you close your store? :C

i did! i found out that RT doesn’t allow sales of fanart of their IP so i went ahead and closed my store. sorry about that!

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he’s just happy to be here!

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last year i opened fanart requests during rtx to ease the pain of not being able to go and also i haven’t drawn any rvb in a while

bring it friends give me whatchu got and i’ll see what i can do!

ETA: keeping requests open all weekend! 

requests are closed now! gonna work through what i’ve got, thanks guys (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

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all you guys going to rtx, have fun so i can live vicariously through you ;;

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buttskun asked:
oh man i love all your art so much; if it's not too much trouble, could you show us how you paint armor (specifically rvb armor) or maybe your process or some tips?

laksjdf thaaanks! —i’m just going to nerd out a little bit though bc i love your art too it’s so cute ;;

i’ve got some process and breakdown pics in this tag and this tag! i think they cover the basics of how i approach rvb armor, but i’ll always try to explain specifics if you or anyone else has questions about a particular aspect of armor painting. 8)

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Tags: #but tbh my process generally boils down to 'make shit up as i go' ;; #i've got lots to learn still #buttskun #ask

fight to the death, WINNER TAKE ALL

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anyone going to fanime this weekend? i’ve got a pile of little lieutenants to give away—

i don’t have a table but i hear there will be meetups! or if you’re wearing rt merch/cosplay and an awkward asian kid asks you who your favorite lieutenant is, you might get a present.

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you really fucked up.

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Anonymous asked:
Good morning! I know you said you aren't taking requests at the moment, so this is just a question. Are you going to do more Freelancers with their state flowers? If yes, could you tells us who's next please?


i was planning on it! but i put that series aside for a bit and i haven’t decided who i want to work on next. i’m open to suggestions though—

ETA: i’ve done florida, north, and south already, but i’m going to work some more on florida for this series i think.

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when i think of a whimsical journey about a girl’s story of coming age i think of adam and joel

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in your tutorial about edge drawing one of your steps is highlight raised edges, what do you define as raised edges?

i don’t know if these images will really illustrate what i mean (and maybe ‘raised edges’ wasn’t the term i should have used really!) but—


what i meant was that i tend to put strong, thin highlights on parts of armor that have a sharp corner/edge. so on that screencap of york, you can see how just the ridge of his shoulder plate has that thin, bright highlight from the light source. on my locus drawing, the highlights define the three dimensional form of that area. (i think.) but i hope that makes a little more sense!

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commission for freelancerladymaryland! ♥

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